In Loving Memory of Swami Girijananda

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Picture of Swami Girijanada in class

Swami Girijananda passed away in 2017, but she wished for her meditation center to remain open for her students and the public.

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Class Offerings:
IN-PERSON CLASSES ARE BEGINNING TO REOPEN! Following the CDC guidelines, if you are vaccinated, you can attend in person, here at the center at 4:50 on Saturday for meditation at 5:00 (keeping a safe distance and/or masked). The Sunday class is still closed.

  • Silent Meditation. Saturdays, 4:45-6:00 PM – OPEN
  • Chanting & Meditation. Sundays, 5:00-6:00 PM – CLOSED
  • Silent Meditation (invitation only). Tuesdays, 12:15-1:15 PM – OPEN

Picture of Swami Girijananda

The Amrit Anubhav Meditation Center is a place of pilgrimage, since it holds the blessings of meditation from a powerful lineage. It is meant to serve as a place of sanctuary – a source of peace and blessings, as well as spiritual awakening and transformation. -Swami Girijananda

Swami Girijananda Meditation Teacher

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Swami Girijananda teaches meditation based on her more than 40 years of practice in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. She was a close disciple of Swami Muktananda and practiced and taught in the Siddha Yoga tradition for more than 24 years. More recently she spent 12 years studying and practicing in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition at Rigdzin Ling, a retreat center in the Trinity Alps, with both Chagdud Rinpoche and Lama Drimed Norbu.

As a post-traditional teacher, she combines what she has integrated from these two lineages to provide a simple path towards inner growth and development. Now living in Arcata in northern California she teaches meditation and does healing work.  Her first blog, What I Got From the Buddhists (link below), fleshes out the story with more detail.

picture of Amrit Anubhav Meditation Center

Swami Girijananda’s meditation center opened in July, 2014 and is now the site of all her classes and teachings. The name of the meditation center is Amrit Anubhav, which means “The Nectar of Self Awareness.” (More)

In her meditation classes, her aspiration is to facilitate people waking up to what they really are.  She says, “Variously called Consciousness, Awareness, That, Presence, God, or even The Peace That Passeth Understanding, it is simply our deepest nature and reality.  During meditation we come to know this place, learn to access it more and more easily and begin to live from it.”

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