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Because the path involves not only energetic attunement with our deeper nature, but mental attunement as well, we study to unravel our cultural misunderstandings, our limited unconscious beliefs and habits of mind.  Spiritual philosophy provides a context for the opening into expanded awareness.  In the past 3 years there have been study groups/courses on various scriptures of Kashmir Shaivism, as well as the Enneagram, the elements in astrology, a workshop on Meditation and Jin Shin Jyutsu and occasional introductory classes on meditation for beginners.  This direction will continue with most offerings taking place on Sundays from 3 – 4:30 PM.  We will also hold occasional silent retreats to allow integration and stabilization of our practice. Check this page for dates and details on registration.

For directions to the Amrit Anubhav Meditation Center click here.


  • No offerings at this time



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