Weekly Meditation Classes

In loving memory of Swami Girijanada, starting December 2017 classes are being offered at no cost (donations to cover heating and utilities, etc. are accepted). There will be no instructor, only long-standing practitioners.
Picture of Swami Girijanada in classThe center has chairs, back-jacks, pillows, blankets, a carpeted floor, a tea room and a restroom. Feel free to come and go any time during silent meditations, but please keep talking to a minimum in the meditation room.

IN-PERSON CLASSES ARE BEGINNING TO REOPEN! Following the CDC guidelines, if you are vaccinated, you can attend in person, here at the center at 4:50 on Saturday for meditation at 5:00 (keeping a safe distance and/or masked). The Sunday class is still closed.

Saturdays 4:45-6 PM

This weekly drop-in class is designed for beginners as well as those who have been meditating for years.  Awareness Meditation provides an opportunity to experience immersion in meditative energy and to develop a deeper practice.

Sundays 5-6 PM

Chanting the divine name allows all systems of our body to become entrained to expanded consciousness.  Chanting facilitates the opening of the heart and the awakening of the inner energy of meditation.  We join with others in a powerful way which is non-social, non-personal and non-egoic.  Profoundly nourishing and rejuvenating, this class provides a weekly boost, not only strengthening the immune system, but also revealing our deeper nature, conferring immunity for the mind-created suffering of samsara.  After chanting we meditate, allowing the expanded energy to unfold within.  For more information on chanting click here.

By invitation only
Tues 12:15-1:15 PM

This ongoing weekly class, which includes practice and discussion, is by invitation only and is meant for those who plan to attend every week (with occasional exceptions).
Please inquire if you are interested.

Directions to the meditation center in Arcata, California:

Map to meditation center

Take 101 to the Sunset Ave. off-ramp and head east toward the college. Use the center lane of the off-ramp if you are coming from the south. The off-ramp from the south is tricky for newcomers. As you head off of the Sunset Avenue off-ramp coming from the south you will turn right from the center land briefly onto the Sunset Avenue overcrossing. This is an unusual off-ramp configuration. (If you have GPS, you can see it in advance. )

At L.K. Wood Blvd. (the first crossroad) turn left heading north (away from campus). After approximately a half mile you will see “Blondies” roadhouse and laundromat on your right. This is the California Avenue landmark.

Photo of meditation center

Turn right on California Ave. and come up the hill just under 1 mile. The house is on the right: a “Spanish” ranch-style peachy stucco single-storey . On the mailbox there is a sign that reads “The Bazemores.” The address is 585 East California Avenue. Park anywhere you find a convenient spot.  Follow the meditation sign to the right for the center, rather than the front door to the house on the left.

door to the center

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